Cameo Drop Sleeve 2 - Black

Cameo Drop Sleeve 2 - Black
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  • Item #: Drop Sleeve 2 - Black
  • Manufacturer: L-Style
  • Condition: New
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Details:The popular plastic case with adjustable length has been redesigned, with now 8 different lengths adjustments and more vibrant colors.
Fully protect your darts.
Fits in most a lot of kinds of Cameo dart cases.

-Adjustable length up to 16cm (about 6.25")
-Tip adjuster hole on the bottom. You can easily tighten or loosen tips by inserting tip to this adjuster hole.
-2 key rings allow you to carry accessories with Drop Sleeve 2, such as tip case or L-case.

NOTE: Champagne Flight "L9d Dimple Z" does not fit in Drop Sleeve 2.

Material: Polypropylene
Size (approx.): 5.75"-5"(adjustable) x 3.25" x 1.25"
Storage Capacity: 1 set of darts

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