DMC Sidewinder II - 18g

DMC International Line - Benny "The Jett" Dersch - 18g
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  • Item #: DMC SW2 INT
  • Manufacturer: DMC
  • Condition: New
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DMC International Line - Benny "The Jett" Dersch - 18g

Also known as the Sidewinder 2

DMC Has released an International Line of their popular models. With efficient packaging, these 90% tungsten darts are cost effective to ship. The same high quality design as their popular Japan line, the International Line shines as the new standard for DMC in the International market!

All darts come with Shafts, points and flights in a shipping friendly hang box.

Benny's darts are an evenly balanced straight barrel design. A few sets of double groove gripping towards the rear of the dart provide a solid launch point to get your Jett darts flying straight!

Approximately 18gm fully assembled
16.5gm barrel weight

Barrel length - 2"
Barrel diameter - 15/64"