Dynasty A-Flow BL Fallon Steel Tip Darts - 25g

A-Flow Larry Butler signature tungsten steel dart barrels
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  • Item #: DYN-FAL-BLST
  • Manufacturer: Dynasty
  • Condition: New
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Price $130.00
Sale Price $98.00

A-Flow "Fallon" Steel Tip Darts - Dynasty

Fallon Sherrock Signature Model

95% tungsten barrels

L-Style Silent spinning shafts, inbetween length

Dynasty Dee.flights with A-Flow logo

24.5 grams (barrel only), darts will weigh slightly more when fully assembled with flights and shafts.

Barrel Length: 52.5mm

Max. Barrel Diameter: 7.2mm

The A-Flow Fallon Sherrock signature steel tip dart has a rare, 52.5mm long barrel - longer than most dart barrels. Being comprised of ring cuts only, the main grip of the dart is very simple in shape and design and gives the player a solid, confident grip.

Because the design is so simple, players won't have to adapt their throw or grip to the barrel, making the Larry Butler signature dart very easy to use.

Very high quality, typical of Japanese darts