KTM Version 1 White L-Style Rocket Champagne Flights

Rocket shape Champagne KTM Version 1 White
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  • Item #: KTM Ver 1 Wh Rocket
  • Manufacturer: L-Style
  • Condition: New
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Rocket shape Champagne KTM Version 1 White

Rocket shape

Always open at 90 degrees for perfect flight.

They can be used with Champagne Rings (sold separately) to improve shaft-flight coupling, increase shaft life, prevent deflections and prevent "Robin Hoods".

Soft, flexible nylon bends easily for adjustment

Longer durability, no lamination

To be used with any L-Style shaft or nylon shafts ONLY.

Sold in sets of 3

L-Style products are used by the best darters in the world.

Work especially well with Champagne Rings, L-Style shafts and other products listed below.