L-Style Short Lippoint 2-Tone 2ba Soft Dart Tips - Purple

2-Tone Short Lip Point Purple
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  • Item #: SH-LP-2T-PU
  • Manufacturer: L-Style
  • Condition: New
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Purple and White L-Style ShortLip Soft Dart Tips

With their shorter length, ShortLip dart tips stick in dartboards even more smoothly while still keeping all the advantages of the regular Lippoint tips.

L-style dart tips are EXTREMELY strong and durable, they will out-last all other soft dart tips.

"Bombshell" shape, mirror finish and non-slip surface improves seating in the dart board, preventing darts from "hanging" and getting in the way of other throws.

High-precision threads reduce loosening and enables smooth, quick release.

Approximately 30 points per bag.

Available in many colors.

Length w/o threads: 7/8" (22mm)

Work very well with L-Style shafts, L-Flights and other products listed below.