Balancepoint A.C.E. Movable Points - Replacement 2ba

Balancepoint A.C.E. Movable Points - Replacement 2ba
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  • Item #: BP-ACE
  • Manufacturer: Balancepoint
  • Condition: New
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World's best zero bounce point.

A.C.E. (Active Core Energy) is one of the most exciting improvements in the game of darts in the last 20 years. Inside the point is housed a very powerful magnet that keeps the point in the front position until the dart makes contact with the board. This point will drive around a wire with more impacting force than any other design on the market, plus once in the board you have a free floating dart that will rotate in any direction and will vastly reduce deflection.

Since we use a magnet there is low physical contact between the point and guide bushing, the advantage to this is there is almost no wear. One other BIG ADVANTAGE is it will fit in other 2ba darts. That means if you throw another brand of moving point and you are looking for something that could help your game, buy a set of out A.C.E. points, screw them in your darts and you are on your way to bigger scores, longer flight life and longer point life.


A.C.E. Advantages

1.  The most driving force of any point in the world, this will extremely reduce your bounce-outs (higher scores).

2.  Free floating design vastly reduces deflection (higher scores).

3.  Light physical contact between the point and guide bushing (longer life).

4.  Will fit other 2ba darts.

5.  No movement when throwing. Feels like a solid dart.

6.  Very low interference between point and bushing (longer flight life).

7.  Smooth transition into the barrel i.e. no flats (less deflection)

8.  No tools needed, can tighten on with just your hands. *

9.  Comes with oring installed to help keep tight.

10. Upgradeable to different style points. **

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