Balancepoint Saber Steel Tip Darts - 21g

Balancepoint Saber Steel Tip Darts - 21g
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  • Item #: BP-SAB 21g
  • Manufacturer: Balancepoint
  • Condition: New
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Balancepoint Saber Steel Tip Darts - 21g

The Saber is our state of the art steel tip line, it utilizes the most advance "zero" bounce system in the world. Made from 90% tungsten, the Saber is the results of months of testing and development.

Made on a CNC lathe for precision weight and balance. It has a very good medium grip with a extremely good front balance. We refused to settle for just another moving pointed dart with no effort in the most important thing a dart must have, throwing quality. So we took nearly 6 months in testing and throwing until we finally had a dart that throws as good as or better than a solid pointed dart!

This dart is designed for the most demanding person. Plus they come with the most advanced moving point system in the world, We call it "A.C.E." (Active Core Energy) please go to the A.C.E. product information to learn more about this system.

Barrel Length: 45.8mm

Max Diameter: 6.6mm

Barrel ONLY Weight: 20.8g - approximately 18g fully assembled with shafts, flights and tips

Balancepoint darts include:

One Tri-Fold Hard Plastic Case

  • One side to hold your darts plus one set of flights
  • The back side holds a 2nd set of shafts, flights, and extra points.

Included in the Case:

  1. Set of standard flights
  2. Set of aluminum shafts
  3. Set of speed flights (or coal crackers)
  4. Set of nylon shafts

Balancepoint prides itself on its high level of craftsmanship and precision specs. Flights and shafts may vary.