Cameo Leather BORDER SLIM with Drop Sleeve - Brown

Cameo Leather BORDER SLIM with Drop Sleeve - Brown
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  • Item #: CAM-BORDER-SL-BR
  • Manufacturer: L-Style
  • Condition: New
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Price $60.00
Sale Price $48.00

Cameo Border Slim

Soft PU leather that never looks like a dart case.
Slim and simple design.
Brass/bronze colored metal.

Comes with
-Drop-Sleeve2 (clear)
-2 throttle Bands (holds tips, barrels, shafts and cards.)
-Belt loop/hook

*****The main image of this listing is the color case that you will receive.  All other pictures are for illustrative purposes only*****


Material: PU leather
Size: 17cm x 11cm x 5cm
Storage: 2 sets of barrels, flights, shafts, tips, card pocket, multi use pocket, conversion pocket. 

The Drop Sleeve is made of very strong Japanese construction and will protect your darts from tip to flight completely and the "snap-able" top will keep them securely inside even when tipped upside-down.  It's 10 Phases of adjustable length to accomodate almost ANY length dart!.

Available in 6 colors to suit every fashion taste.

Works very well with L-Style flights and other products listed below.