DMC Kfir 2ba Soft Tip Darts - 18g

DMC Kfir Soft Tip Darts - 2ba - 18g
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  • Item #: DMC Kfir 2ba 18
  • Manufacturer: DMC
  • Condition: New
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DMC Kfir Soft Tip Darts - 2ba - 18g

The DMC Kfir has a series of differing back cuts with varying widths throughout the body. The grip is aggressive, but there is a smooth, thinner spot right in the middle for those that love that consistency of putting a thumb or finger in a the same groove every time. The barrel does taper down toward the back of the dart for a slightly front loaded dart.

90% tungsten barrels

2ba Lippoint tips

Weight: 18.0g (16.5g barrel only)

The DMC Kfir is available in 18g 2ba, 20g 2ba, and 18g Acute

Set Includes: 3 nylon shafts, 3 spinning shafts, 3 tips, 3 flights and a case