DMC Phoenix 2ba Soft Tip Darts - 18g

DMC Phoenix 18g
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  • Item #: DMC-PH-2ba 18g
  • Manufacturer: DMC
  • Condition: New
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DMC Phoenix 18g


90% Tungsten

The original concept that led to the very popular Benny "the Jet" Dersch signature International Line (Sidewinder 2).

The DMC Phoenix is a straight, center-balanced barrel. The grip is moderate-high. The barrel has 12 back ring cuts in two sets of 6, separated by a break in the middle with a "DMC" laser engravement. Each cut holds a sharp edge thanks to the flat edge in between each cut. This simple and effective design is ideal for many dart players.

Barrel Length: 43.5 mm.

Max Barrel Diameter: 6.4 mm (6.2 at each end). 

DMC Darts come with a hard case, standard size flights, DMC spin shafts, L-Style tips and back up DMC nylon shafts. 

Barrels ONLY weigh 16.0g - Fully fit, the dart will weigh appx. 18g.