DMC Sidewinder Bronze 2ba Soft Tip Darts - 18g

DMC Sidewinder Bronze Acute 18g
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  • Item #: DMC-SWB
  • Manufacturer: DMC
  • Condition: New
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DMC Sidewinder Bronze 18g


90% Tungsten

The original concept that led to the very popular Benny "the Jet" Dersch signature International Line (Sidewinder 2).

The DMC Sidewinder has a series brilliant ring cut running the length of the barrel with a slight break in the middle. The grip is moderate, but there is a smooth spot right in the middle for those that love that consistency of putting a thumb or finger in a the same place every time. The barrel does taper down very slightly toward the back and the front of the dart.

The hardened Bronze coating helps protect the integrity of the cuts and lengthens the life of the edges.

Max Barrel Diameter: 6.5 mm (6.2 at each end). Barrel Length: 44.5 mm.

DMC Darts come with a hard case, standard size flights, DMC spin shafts, L-Style tips and back up DMC nylon shafts. 

Barrels ONLY weigh 16.5g - Fully fit, the dart will weigh appx. 18g.