DMC Sidewinder Steel Tip Darts - 23g

DMC Sidewinder Steel Tip Darts - 23g
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  • Item #: DMC-SW-ST
  • Manufacturer: DMC
  • Condition: New
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DMC Sidewinder Steel Tip Darts - Silver Series

DMC collaborated with Paul Lim to create a unique barrel design that transcends player-specific usage. The Paul Lim 2ba is a slightly rear-balanced, torpedo shaped barrel with shark cut grooves in the rear and standard razor cut grooves in the front.  The front grooves allow for a stable and controlled back swing while the shark cut rear grooves ensure a powerful release behind the center of balance.

90% tungsten barrels

Lippoint tips

Weight: 23.0g

Maximum Diameter: 


Set Includes: 3 nylon shafts, 3 spinning shafts, 3 tips, 3 flights and a case