L-Flight Dart Flights - Pink, Tear Drop

L-Style tear drop shaped L-Flight in pink
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  • Item #: L2s-P
  • Manufacturer: L-Style
  • Condition: New
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Price $7.50
Sale Price $6.50

Pink Tear Drop shape L-Flights from L-Style

Always open at 90 degrees for perfect flight.

They can be used with L-Rings (sold separately) to improve shaft-flight coupling and increase shaft life.

Same weight as a regular standard flight

Soft, flexible nylon bends easily for adjustment

Longer durability, no lamination

To be used with any L-Style shaft or nylon shafts ONLY.

Sold in sets of 3

L-Style products are used by the best darters in the world including Randy "Big Dog" Van Deursen, Ray "The Razor" Carver, Benny Dersch, Scotty Miller, Scotty Kirchner and Joe "Millionaire" Mateja.

Work especially well with L-Rings, L-Style shafts and other products listed below.