L-Style Standard Lippoint 2-Tone 2ba Soft Dart Tips - Green

2-tone standard lippoint - Green
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  • Item #: ST-LP-2T-GR
  • Manufacturer: L-Style
  • Condition: New
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Price $8.00
Sale Price $6.50

Standard Lippoint 2-Tone soft dart tips, green & white.

The sophisticated and beautiful shape of L-Style Lippoint soft dart tips makes your darts look hot!

A unique molding process and "Bombshell" shape makes these tips EXTREMELY strong and durable and improves seating in the dart board, preventing darts from "hanging" and getting in the way of other throws.

With a non-slip mirror finish these tips are gentle on dartboards and prevent bounce-outs yet are easy to pull out.

High precision threads almost never loosen and enable smooth, quick release.

Lippoint dart tips will easily out-last other soft dart tips.

Approximately 30 tips per bag

Length w/o threads: 1" (25mm)

Work very well with L-Style shafts, L-Flights and other products listed below.