Signature Darts of Scotty "The Mouth" Miller - 90% Tungsten, 20g

Scotty "The Mouth" Miller signature tungsten dart barrels
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  • Item #: Miller 20
  • Manufacturer: Dart Brokers
  • Condition: New
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Price $85.00
Sale Price $65.00

****Scotty's darts have changed!  They are now 43mm in length and the reverse sabre grip grooves are not as deep as the original.  This change lowers the aggressiveness of the dart allowing for more control****


Signature Darts of Scotty "The Mouth" Miller - BARRELS ONLY

90% tungsten - neutrally balanced (neither front or back weighted)

Aggressive saber grip for enhanced control

2BA threads

1/4" barrel diameter

43mm length

Approximately 20 grams when fully assembled. Final dart weight depends on shaft, flight and tip used with barrels.

Throw the exact same darts as Scotty "The Mouth" Miller, Dart Brokers Sponsored Player!

The Signature "The Mouth" 90% tungsten dart was specifically designed for Scotty Miller, but it will fit any darter's style and skill level, being appropriate for beginners, pros and everyone in between! The aggressive saber grip all but eliminates dart slippage and help make your throws easy and consistent.

Every dart weighs exactly the same, is precision balanced, and has high-density tungsten barrels, optimizing consistency, comfort, barrel size to weight, and dart life.

Scotty has his signature barrels set up with L-Style accessories including Laro shafts, Champagne Flights, Champagne Rings, and Lippoint tips (available below).