Target Pro Grip Polycarbonate Shafts - Black Short

Target Pro Grip Nylon Shafts - Black Short Plus, 2ba
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  • Item #: Pro Grip Black Short
  • Manufacturer: Target
  • Condition: New
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Target Pro Grip Polycarbonate Shafts

Set of 3 shafts and stem rings.

Available in:

Short - 31.0 (without threads) & 34.0mm (with threads)

Short Plus - 34.5 (without threads) & 37.5mm (with threads)

Intermediate - 38.0 (without threads) & 41.0mm (with threads)

Intermediate Plus - 41.5 (without threads) & 44.5mm (with threads)

Medium - 45.0 (without threads) & 48.0mm (with threads)

2ba Size

Target Pro-Grip technology - the most secure method of locking flight to shaft.

Very high quality construction from one the biggest names in darts!

Dart Brokers is proud to carry high quality Target products. 

Learn more about Pro Grip Shafts from Target Darts by watching the video below: