Unicorn MK 2 Sigma ZeroD CR Conversion Points - Plain 28mm

Unicorn MK 2 Sigma ZeroD CR Conversion Points - Plain 28mm
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  • Manufacturer: Unicorn
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MK 2 Sigma™ Zero D Carbon nose cone plain

Why carbon fibre for darts? The UniBoffin explains:

Carbon fibres, when embedded in a suitable “matrix” polymer, produce a composite material of exceptional tensile strength, rigidity, and yet lightness. These properties would seem to make the material ideal for dart shafts, but there is one problem. As the debris from two Formula One cars coming together often shows, it can be prone to brittle fracture.

Unicorn were researching into overcoming this issue as far back as the 1980s, but it is only now that advances in materials and manufacturing techniques have finally enabled Unicorn carbon shafts to be made available to the darting public.

What’s more, those same techniques have allowed a carbon fibre screw-in nose cone to be a feature of the latest Sigma dart, ensuring the replaceable point is held firmly in a structure light enough for those highly-tuned Sigma aerodynamic characteristics to be maintained.

Carbon darting is finally here.

28mm Plain 2ba

1 Set of 3 conversion points