Unicorn Phil Taylor Steel Tip Darts- Phase 5, Natural, 26g 10942

Unicorn Phase 5 Phil Taylor Steel 26g Tungsten Darts
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  • Item #: 10942
  • Manufacturer: Unicorn
  • Condition: New
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Price $102.50
Sale Price $82.00

Phil Taylor Phase 5 Steel Tip Darts - Natural Tungsten

The exact darts used by Phil Taylor from 2008 until the present

Available in Golden Unicorn Titanium, Black or Natural Tungsten finishes (see below)

95% Tungsten Nickel Alloy

Engraved Unicorn hallmark of quality

Guaranteed Weight series

Phase 5 side loading shafts on Titanium base

Phil The Power Taylor Phase 5 professional flights

Phase 5 Midi wallet included

Barrel Length - 1 5/8"

Barrel Diameter - 5/16" thickest

Model - u10942-26gm