Voks Oracle Fulcrum Moveable Point Steel Tip Darts - 23g

Voks Oracle Fulcrum Moveable Point Steel Tip Darts - 23g
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  • Item #: V-ORA-FUL-23g
  • Manufacturer: Voks
  • Condition: New
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Price $89.99
Sale Price $79.99

Voks Oracle Steel Tip Darts

90% Tungsten

Steel Tip Fixed Point

1 Set of 3 Soft Tip Darts

Smooth bull nose front.

Deep and detailed yet unique square design set apart 30 degrees for the perfect grip.

Aggressive back cuts tapered towards the back ending with 2 inverse grooves.

The corners of the squares are smaller than the diameter of the bull nose so they sit in a little to reduce flight damage.

Easily converts to Spring Loaded Soft Tip.

Easily converts to regular 2ba Soft Tip.

All Voks Dart Sets come in a sets of 3 with Voks logo Engraved on the barrel.

Voks Darts come with Shafts, Points, Flights, A Point Protector, Designer Pouch and Designer Packing.

Barrel Length: 50.08mm

Max Diameter: 7.92mm

Voks in designed and manufactured in the U.S. Dart Brokers is proud to carry these high quality products.